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Three-frame Breakdown: Andersen’s Late Screen

Three-frame Breakdown: Andersen’s Late Screen

Frederik Andersen was given a pass by most analysts for the first goal he allowed tonight, due to the screen:

This wasn’t a straightforward save, certainly, but Andersen had a better chance at stopping this than a quick look might lead you to believe. Why?

  1. Andersen had eyes on the puck off the release.
  2. Andersen’s head tracks the presumed path of the puck as it slips behind the screen, but he does not move to compensate.
  3. The puck barely misses Andersen’s right pad. Had he adjusted sooner, he makes the save.

See for yourself:

Agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments below.

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Paul Campbell

Paul Campbell is a writer at InGoal, and a former CIS goaltender and women's goaltending coach for Mount Allison University. He occassionally moonlights as a university literature instructor.


  1. Andrew

    Easier said than done in the flow of the game.

  2. Optipes

    Agreed. However…
    The defending player No. 42 did extremely poor job (compared to player No. 22 who won his battle).
    Maybe the goalie believed his 42 will clear off the space… In such a case, it would’ve made sense to keep the eye contact with the puck.