Members Mindset Meetup – Training with Pete Fry

Members – Join us Saturday to train with Pete and Dylan Ferguson (now complete)

Pete Fry, The Goalie Mindset Guy has written a number of articles for InGoal Premium Members, like The Three Mental Zone System. He also runs a Goalie Mindset Gym where members can train their mental skills in a way that a number of top goaltenders have found is both fun and translates to more saves on the ice. Every day they meet to train as a group competing for bragging rights while encouraging everyone online to improve together doing concentration grids and other focus exercises that…well, just have to be experienced but trust us, they are fun.

This weekend, Pete will be joined by Dylan Ferguson of the Vegas Golden Knights organization – who rarely misses Pete’s daily group workouts – in leading a training session for InGoal Members only. You can come engage in a friendly concentration grid competition with Dylan (and our own Kevin Woodley) as well as other fun exercises. You’ll have a chance to ask questions and leave with some new skills for your training as we all wait to get back on the ice.

The Webinar is now complete…the video has been posted for Members here. Thank you to Pete, Dylan and everyone who joined us – from the youngest minor hockey goalies to the 4X Stanley Cup champ! 

To those who struggled to get on – our sincere apologies – we’re new to this format as well and will dial it in for our upcoming webinars!

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