Impressive Los Angeles Kings rookie Cal Petersen spent more than an hour with InGoal early in the NHL pause, first taping an interview for the InGoal Radio Podcast, and then reviewing tape of plays from the past season and sharing his insights and reads on certain situations.

This is the fifth of those Pro Reads with Petersen, and if you haven’t already checked out the first four, they included an insightful first video review of a 6-on-5 sequence against the Pittsburgh Penguins, a lesson on handling a 2-on-0 against the Edmonton Oilers, and a couple of scenarios against the Vegas Golden Knights: first a flash-screen, against-the-grain deflection, and then a screen in which he shares strategies for finding pucks and choosing sightlines. – and a 2-on-1 against Calgary Flames forward Sean Monahan from close range.

​The Scenario

This time, Petersen walks us through video of a 5-on-3 against Calgary and a between-the-leg attempt by talented young Flames forward Matthew Tkachuk from the edge of the crease.

Before we get to the save itself, Petersen walks us through some of the things that change for him as a goalie when facing a 5-on-3. Can you identify any from the freeze frame below? What about how Calgary sets up might lead you to play it where Petersen is in the crease?

Moving to the save itself, what information can you glean from Tkachuk as he takes this pass?

Is there anything about Tkachuk’s proximity to the net – and in fairness to all the left-catching goalies reading this, try to imagine it from your blocker side like it is for the full-right Petersen in this instance – that would affect your save selection options here?

The Save

Now let’s take a look at the entire save sequence.

Before we get to that stick work, what do you think of the original slide into an overlap on the recovery once that one-timer from the point goes wide of the net?

As for the poke check, beyond the fact it worked, what do you think of Petersen’s active stick in this instance? For Petersen, it was all about cutting off the blue paint, in part because of the pre-scout on Tkachuk, but also as a way to help his defense. But let’s here is all in his words:

The Pro-Read

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