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While the focus at InGoal Magazine has shifted towards technique and tips from the top goalies in the NHL through our Premium Memberships, we haven’t lost touch with our kick-save and stacked-pads roots. So, imagine the excitement when we heard about the launch of Vintage Tendy Magazine, a glossy print publication dedicated exclusively to goalies before 2000.

Loaded with gorgeous photos and printed on high-quality glossy paper thick enough you could turn them into frame-worthy posters, Vintage Tendy Magazine features long-form interviews from the goalies so many of us grew up emulating and insights ranging from playing style to equipment. In fact, each feature interview contains a separate section for masks and gear.

The first issue, available now, features interviews with (and great insights from) Tim Cheveldae and Felix “the Cat” Potvin, as well as an article from Don Cherry explaining who his goalie would be for a winner-take-all Game 7, and a behind-the scenes take from legendary mask maker and painter Greg Harrison on the designs both goalies wore throughout their careers.

The Potvin article alone runs 24 pages, starting with images and insights from junior right through his career with the Toronto Maple Leafs, including a full two page spread dedicated to his fight with Ron Hextall of the Philadelphia Flyers, through stops with the Islanders, Canucks, Kings and Boston Bruins. Every page contains big, bold images of Potvin with each team, but when it came time to pick an excerpt to share with InGoal Premium Members, we went right to the two-page spread on his equipment at the end of the article:

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