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We have another special opportunity for InGoal readers this week. And if you aren’t yet an InGoal Member – it includes a chance to become a Member for free. To get Sense Arena for $450 off and claim your year of InGoal, just visit Sense Arena today and¬†use the code IGM450¬†at checkout.

Sense Arena VR goalie training is literally a game-changer. We’ve shared a lot with you about it¬†on the InGoal Radio Podcast, in¬†our online review¬†and this past weekend¬†in a 90-minute webinar¬†you can still watch on YouTube or over at InGoal – it’s unlocked so you don’t have to be a member to watch it.

Special Offer Ends February 21, 2021

InGoal, in conjunction with Sense Arena is offering a special deal where until February 21, 2021 you can get the Sense Arena Goalie to Go system and one-year license to Sense Arena training for $450 off – AND a one-year membership to InGoal Premium (for existing members we will add an additional year to your current membership).

You’ll get access to the best training you can get away from the rink, used by NHL pros every day –¬† and a full year Membership to InGoal Premium, the best resource for goaltenders where you’ll hear from pros as we take you inside the game.

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Whether access to ice is a challenge to find for you, or you just want to get that edge InGoal that NHL goaltenders like Eric Comrie, Elvis Merzńľikins, Philipp Grubauer and many others enjoy – now is the time to try Sense Arena.¬†You can train literally every day with what one of our testers called “like a cheat code for goaltending” it helped his tracking so much.

It comes with the new Oculus Quest 2 system so in addition to Sense Arena you’ll have access to an entire world of VR games and experiences and there is a version for those who ¬†have an Oculus.

Until Monday only you can get it for $450 off the regular price with the code IGM450 at checkout. And because we want to give a little bit more to thank both you and Sense Arena – we’re throwing in a full year of InGoal Premium to everyone who takes advantage of the offer by Monday. Already an InGoal Member? We’ll extend your membership by another year.

We’ve listed some of the resources below where you can learn more about Sense Arena and encourage you to check them out. When you’re ready to take your training to another level – where you can work on your puck tracking, shot reading and cognitive training, Sense Arena will be there ready to hear from you.

Just order today and use the code IGM450 at check out to redeem our special offer.

Check out these InGoal resources if you want to learn more about Sense Arena:

Ready to hear more from Sense Arena or order with the code IGM450? Visit their web site now.


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