E​​ric Comrie set a franchise record this week with the Manitoba Moose, pitching a shutout for his 85th victory with the Moose to pass Cory Schneider the all-time franchise leader in wins.

So, it seemed fitting to return to Comrie for his third Pro Reads session from his lone NHL game this season, which came with the New Jersey Devils before being reclaimed back off waivers by the Winnipeg Jets, who picked him in the second round of the 2013 NHL draft.

Anyone who tuned in for Comrie’s first two video review sessions already knows these are can’t miss for a goalie who has bounced around the NHL a lot over the past two seasons.

The clips all come from Comrie’s season debut with the Devils on Jan 31, a game in which he stopped 30 of 33 for a 4-3 win against the Buffalo Sabres. As Comrie showed in that game, he’s ready for the NHL, and you’ll understand why after seeing him analyze his own play again. 

​The Scenario

As you’ll see in the save video below, this sequence ends in a fairly routine save on a shot from the point by Risto Ristolainen (though there is still a bit of a flash screen involved), but we chose this clip because of all the back and forth behind the Devils net that precedes it. That gave Comrie a chance to talk about the ongoing evolution of his use of the reverse-VH.

Before we let Comrie explain how his preferences have changed, take a look at the freeze frame above and let us know what you think. The play is headed to Comrie’s right behind the net, and he’s already turned his head to that side, but he’s holding on the glove side post.

Scanning the ice, can you see there anything about the situation that dictates staying on that post? Is there anything you would do different? Would you push across first? Why?


Comrie will explain his post-play choice below, but first let’s look at the entire sequence:

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