No sooner do we start to get caught up with James Reimer Pro Reads in Carolina Hurricanes colors, and he’s headed to another new team, this time returning to the San Jose Sharks as a free agent. Reimer had success with the Sharks in a brief stint after the trade deadline in 2016, going 6-2-0 with a .938 save percentage, and while we look forward to catching up with Reimer and some fresh clips next season, we don’t want to waste any of his Carolina clips.

This is Reimer’s 10th Pro Reads appearance — five with the Florida Panthers and now five with the Hurricanes — and as anyone who watched past appearances already knows, his insights in this format are too good to leave any unseen, even if it means using clips from a past team.


This one actually features both of Reimer’s last teams, as he faces down a power play chance against the Panthers, and a screen from long-time goalie antagonist Patric Hornqvist that gives Reimer a chance to talk about the importance of establishing early positioning, but first a look at the early parts of the sequence with defenseman Aaron Ekblad behind the net:

As Ekblad cuts carries the puck on his backhand, who do you identify as the most dangerous player in this scenario? Assuming Ekblad continues to cut to Reimer’s left are you coming across on your feet, or down into the post in a reverse-VH or other post integration option?

As the play continues, Jonathan Huberdeau ends up cutting through back in the slot with the puck but this time with a layered screen that includes the defense between him and Reimer. As you take a look at it in the free frame below, what do you make of Reimer’s positioning? Is there anything about Huberdeau’s positioning that tells you if a shot is imminent or not?

There’s a sharp-angle attack and save between that freeze frame and the next one that Reimer discusses in his Pro Reads video below, but first let’s take a look at the screen we teased:

There’s actually an earlier battle with Hornqvist for a sight line when the puck is at the point that Reimer will also discuss, but this is the one we wanted to take a closer look at because Reimer chose to look around Hornqvist to the middle rather than holding on the short side, something we have heard a lot of goalies talk about in our Pro Reads segments. Any thoughts on why he might have chosen the middle in this instance? Any benefits you can see?


Now let’s take a look at the entire power play sequence in real time and fill in the gaps:

Finally, it’s time to hear Reimer’s breakdown of the entire sequence.

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