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InGoal Radio Episode 138
with Brian Daccord

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Episode 138 of the InGoal Radio Podcast, presented by The Hockey Shop Source for Sports, features an interview with long-time NHL goalie coach, scout and director Brian Daccord about his new book, How To Be A Goalie Parent: A Guide For Goalie Parents Of All Levels.

In the feature interview, presented by Sense Arena, Daccord shares several great insights about life as a goalie parent, and the inspiration for the book after watching son Joey play his first NHL with the Ottawa Senators. Daccord talked to other parents of NHL goalies about their path as a goalie parent too, and shares those anecdotes, but most compelling may be the situation advice: Where to sit in the rink, how to engage and act with other parents and whether you should coach on the car ride home. The answer to that last one may surprise some of you, but the reasons for it are compelling. 

Daccord, who owns and runs Stop It Goaltending schools, also shares insights into his new Game Day App, which is designed to allow parents and coaches to better track games and contextualize success by properly accounting for shot quality and rebound control, as well as his work as a consultant with Sense Arena and some exciting teases about what’s to come in the virtual reality world, and explains his decision to leave the Arizona Coyotes. 

All that, plus a trip back to The Hockey Shop Source for Sports for a look at some incredible deals on a huge inventory of pro return sticks from CCM. 

When you’re done this episode, go enjoy our first podcast with Brian Daccord in Episode 116.

You can learn more about and purchase Brian Daccord’s Book How To Be A Goalie Parent: A Guide For Goalie Parents Of All Levels at Amazon.com

In this episode we discussed Stop It Goaltending’s new SIG Game Day app. We liked what we saw so much we bought it ourselves and are testing it now. If you’d like to learn more you can find it in the app store.