To honor Frederik Andersen’s NHL All Star Game victory alongside Tristan Jarry and the Metropolitan Division the over the weekend, we figured we’d go back to the Carolina Hurricanes top goalie for this week’s Pro Reads installment.

Andersen was the second NHL goalie ever to take part in Pro Reads, trailing only Carey Price with his video breakdown debut while with the Toronto Maple Leafs. But it had been 14 months between appearances in this space for Andersen, so we were excited to be able to catch up with him excelling as the new No. 1 for the Hurricanes for some fresh film work.


Andersen is facing countryman Nikolaj Ehlers as part of a 2-on-2 rush against the Winnipeg Jets, and the skilled Danish forward is cutting across the middle of the ice with good speed:

As the play continues, Andersen comes into the frame:

What’s changed between those two shots in terms of A. Ehlers being a shooting threat and B. how dangerous the passing option is, especially since it’s big, skilled forward Pierre-Luc Dubois cutting in on the backside? What do you make of Andersen’s positioning above?

The Save

Because it’s a rush chance, speed matters, so let’s look at the entire sequence in real time:

As you watch the save and rebound sequence, what did you make of Andersen’s positioning on the initial shot? Anything in it that might have contributed to that far-side rebound? Any thoughts on the initial reaction save to rebound, and slight elevation coming across?

Andersen appears almost to lift, which might create a low hole – any thoughts on why?


Let’s hear from Andersen and get his breakdown on all parts of this play, including that late leg sweep to keep the resulting loose puck from trickling in over the goal line.

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