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Ryan Miller will have his number retired by the Buffalo Sabres next season, an announcement made by the team over social media during a visit by Miller and his family to the city he called home for the first 11 seasons of his remarkable NHL career. It was a great moment, and it also gave us a perfect excuse to have the forward Vezina Trophy winner back for Pro Reads.


Miller is facing an odd-man rush against the Los Angeles Kings, so as this play hits the blue line in the freeze frame below, what information do you think he is looking for?

What would you be looking for at this point?

As the play reaches the top of the face-off circle (below), what do you make of Miller’s positioning relative to the top of the crease? Is there anything at this point that might indicate the puck carrier is thinking shot or pass? What about the way the defenseman is playing it?

Lastly, let’s take a look from Miller’s perspective and see if you can spot any tells:

Are you thinking shot or pass at this point?


Now let’s take at the entire sequence to see if you got it right:

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