Joey Daccord is coming off a record-setting season for the Charlotte Checkers in the American Hockey League and poised to play a more prominent role with the Seattle Kraken next season with news Chris Driedger tore his ACL in the gold medal game at the World Championships.

If they didn’t already know from his time with Seattle this season, Kraken fans will soon learn what InGoal readers already know: Daccord is exceptional when it comes to reading plays and anticipating what come next. Those skills have been on display in his first five video breakdown sessions in this space, making him a fan favorite in this section, and while we hope to add a few from last season with Seattle, we don’t want to waste any of these from the year prior.


There are actually several situations Daccord has to manage during this power play chance against the Edmonton Oilers, starting with a rush save off Connor McDavid that Daccord already walked us through in his fourth Pro Read, but the two we’re going to focus on for this Pro Read involve two different shooters with good chances moving to his right post:

The first features Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (above) taking a pass with Daccord pushing down to his right post. The second (below) features Alex Chiasson getting the puck in a similar situation:

What’s the key difference you can see between these two plays?

Does it affect how you would go into that post, or what you expect the shooter to do next?


Now watch the entire sequence to see if your expectations match what happened?

Did things play out as expected based on the original freeze frames above?

What did you think of the way Daccord managed both plays?

Was there anything you might have done different?


Now let’s get Daccord’s thoughts on the plays and how he handled each one.


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