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When we started this series of Pro Drills and Pro Tips with Curtis Sanford earlier in the summer, he was still the Vancouver Canucks goaltending development coach. Now he’s the goalie coach for the Toronto Maple Leafs but his new job doesn’t change his philosophies, and we certainly didn’t want to waste any of our video sessions with Sanford just because he switched teams.

If anything, we get to give Leafs fans a glimpse into some of the things they can expect to see from their new goalie coach – and likely the new goalies he’s working with – so let’s continue the series with a new drill that combines some of the other elements already shared.

In particular, this new Pro Drills focuses on the keys to good post entries and exits that Sanford explained as Part 2 to the original Organizing Reps Drill he shared, and combines them with the more recent Reverse Tracking on Plays Behind the Net drill. There are two notable additions to this drill however: it starts with a “track down” and includes with a longer pass out.

“Trying to put these guys into situations they’re going to see in a game,” Sanford said, “So when they see it in the game, it’s about having a tactic but we’re also working on the technical bundle that goes into the tactic. So, it’s not just working on how we’re going to play these situations; it’s also about getting the repetitions technique-wise into putting the tactics together.”

Before Sanford explains the drill and keys, let’s watch a couple of reps with Spencer Martin:

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