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Photo: Derek Cain/Icon Sportswire

Hockey is too dynamic for goalies to make perfect saves every time.

There will always be moments that call for desperation.

It’s important to train for those moments too.

New Toronto Maple Leafs goalie coach Curtis Sanford walks us through a three-puck drill to help goalies find that balance between control and desperation on quick lateral plays in tight — as usual there are keys to doing it right, even once we’ve triggered desperation mode.

The drill starts with the goalie in the butterfly on one corner of the crease, squared up on two pucks spaced out slightly about two feet atop the crease, and a third puck sitting in a similar position on the other side. The shooter fires those first two pucks off the far side pad one after the other, starting the goalie moving towards the middle of the net, then tries to win a race for that third puck on top of the other side of the crease before the goalie can get across:

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