Freddie Andersen photo: Buren Foster / InGoal

Frederik Andersen was back on the ice today with Carolina goaltending coach Paul Schonfelder after missing three weeks with a lower-body injury, so it felt like the perfect time to go back to one of our first Pro Reads participants, especially since Schonfelder sent us the clip.

Andersen was an immediate favorite after sitting down for an in-person video session at the rink while he was with the Toronto Maple Leafs, and he’s continued to share great insights into how to read attacks in a Zoom session since signing with the Hurricanes last season.


This clip from Schonfelder features a clear cut 2-on-1 rush against the Los Angeles Kings:

We can’t even see Andersen in the frame yet but trust us, he’s back there, and he’s already gathering key pieces information that will affect how this rush chance materializes as the Kings hit the blue line. Beyond the obvious handedness, what other keys can you spot above?

Now that Andersen is in the frame, what do you make of his positioning? Is there anything at this point that might tell you whether this is likely to be a pass or a shot?


Now watch the entire sequence in real time and see if it played out as you expected:

Did it play out as you expected? Was there anything you picked up in the neutral zone that affected how they attacked inside the blue line? Was there anything specific about the way that Andersen managed this 2-on-1 that you liked? What did you make of his depth?


Now let’s see if Andersen saw things the same way and hear his thoughts on managing depth:

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