Alex Ovechkin photo: Steven King/Icon Sportswire, Freddie Andersen photo: Buren Foster / InGoal

With NHL training camps opening this week, it felt like a perfect time to go back to one of our first Pro Reads participants, Frederik Andersen of the Carolina Hurricanes.

Andersen was an immediate favorite after sitting down for an in-person video session at the rink while he was with the Toronto Maple Leafs, and he continued to share great insights into how to read attacks in a Zoom session after signing with the Hurricanes last season.


This clip actually came courtesy of Hurricanes goalie coach Paul Schonfelder and features a Washington Capitals power play anchored, of course, by Alex Ovechkin’s one-timer.

With Ovechkin loading up his famous shot (did you know it can actually curve because of that hook on the end of his blade? Seriously, it does) on a cross ice pass from the opposite point, what do you make of Andersen’s positioning right before the one-timer?

What do you think of his depth? What do you think of his stance?


Now watch the entire sequence in real time and ask yourself the same questions:

It’s a seemingly simple save, though that’s hardly a fair statement when arguably the game’s greatest goal scorer is winding up for a shot that he’s converted more than anyone else.

Was there anything about the way Andersen managed this chance you liked?


There are some simple keys to how Andersen defended Ovechkin that apply to a lot of power plays, especially those anchored by a strong shot on the flank, and increasingly common trend:

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