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Everything Goalies Need to Know about Carbs

by | Nov 30, 2022

InGoal is pleased to welcome Jamie Phillips, as he shares his knowledge in nutrition and training with InGoal Members. Also look for him on the InGoal Radio Podcast where he joined us for a feature interview.

Jamie is a former professional goaltender who played in Europe, the ECHL and AHL after an NCAA career at Michigan Tech where he now serves as goaltending coach. He has completed both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Kinesiology and is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Phillips began Phillips Sports Performance with one goal in mind, to help athletes perform at their best each and every day through scientifically backed programming in both nutrition and off ice training. He can be reached via DM on his Instagram page @phillipssportsperformance

Carbohydrates are like gasoline to a car. Their primary purpose is to provide energy to the body. Carbs are the preferred source of fuel for both the brain and body. If present, our bodies will look to utilize carbs over fat/protein/ketones.

Once carbs are consumed and begin to be absorbed, the body will convert them into smaller molecules called glucose. If our cells don’t use the glucose immediately, they get stored as glycogen in the muscle and liver. This stored glycogen can be broken down and used as energy when needed.

Carbs are interesting in the fact they are the only macronutrient that we are not required to eat. We won’t die if we don’t eat any carbs. Our bodies have a backup system called ketosis that will help keep us alive. As goalies, however, we perform our best when fueled by carbs.

Carbohydrates come in several different groups that differ in molecular structure.

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