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Linus Ullmark is having an incredible season for the Boston Bruins, A Vezina Trophy favourite with the NHL’s best save percentage (.938), goals-against average (1.86) and record (30-4-1), becoming the second fastest goalie in NHL history to reach 30 wins. And, oh yeah, on Saturday, he also became the eighth goalie ever to score by shooing a puck into the net.

So, you can imagine how excited InGoal Magazine was to sit down with Ullmark for half an hour this weekend to record Pro Reads video breakdowns. This is the first of many to come, including some exclusive insights into the changes he made leading to this award-worthy season.


We start with a partial breakaway against skilled Seattle Kraken forward Jordan Eberle.

As Eberle gains the blue line in this first freeze frame — or more likely long before this point as he skated through the neutral zone — what are the key details you look for as a goalie?

Is there enough information that you’re thinking shot or deke at this point?

To be honest, we wish they’d kept that camera angle throughout, even if Ullmark looks a little blurry, but look at the second freeze frame below and ask yourself the same questions:

As the camera switches to a wide overhead angle a few strides later, does your opinion change about shot or deke? Why? What do you make of Ullmark’s positioning at this point?


Speed is a key factor in rush chances, so watch the entire sequence and ask the same questions:

Was there a specific point in that short clip where you became confident it was going to be a shot? Why? And what do you make of Ullmark’s half butterfly save selection?


Now let’s hear how Ullmark read that rush and what went into his save selection:

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