Thatcher Demko has been exceptional his first five Pro Reads, explaining how he sees the game and chooses depth, save selections and post integrations based on a variety of factors, so we didn’t want to too long before sharing No. 6 from the Vancouver Canucks No. 1.


This time Demko is breaking down footage of an in-zone sequence against the Nashville Predators that turns into a two-parter: one involves a play into his post and shifting coverage priorities and technique, and then a second chance 6-on-5 on a delayed penalty.

Looking at the freeze frame above, what are the most dangerous threats as Nick Cousins (who is now in the Eastern Conference Final with the Florida Panthers) drifts to his right with the puck on his forehand at his head up? Are you thinking pass or shot at this point?

Any thoughts on Demko’s depth or stance selection?

After making the initial save, the puck ends up back near the top of the right face-off circle again, this time on the stick of Markus Granlund but the threats have shifted. What is your primary focus on this one? Demko is narrower in his stance here – any thoughts why?


Now watch the entire sequence and ask yourself the same questions:

As promised, this is a two-part breakdown.

Starting with the backside pass in part 1, did you identify that as a primary threat? Once it makes it through two defenders, what do you make of Demko’s choice to go into his post in a Reverse, versus sliding through that space and into more of an overlap save, like he did in our last Pro Reads video featuring a similar play against Matthew Tkachuk?

On the second play, were you thinking pass or shot? What do you see as the most important part of managing that deflection in front once Granlund passes?


Let’s hear how Demko read both threats and his keys to managing both:

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