Carey Rie looking down ice close up

When it comes to reading a release, few do it better than Craig Anderson.

The Ottawa Senators goalie has been singled out to InGoal Magazine as one of, if not the, best when it comes to reading plays and shots by several of his puck-stopping peers in recent months, including a strong endorsement from former playing partner, Chris Driedger.

“His reads were the best in the NHL.,” said Driedger, who was in the Senators organization and at training camps with Anderson for six years. “It’s incredible. He wears the skinniest chest protector, he’s the skinniest guy to begin with, he covers no net, and yet he’s out there just stopping guys point blank, standing up, making windmill saves. It’s unbelievable.”

Those sentiments are echoed by another ex-Senators stopper, Robin Lehner, as well (more on the specifics below), so what is Anderson’s secret? Certainly 19 seasons and 19,923 shots in the NHL doesn’t hurt his ability to read shooters and anticipate what’s coming. But the 39-year-old did share a practice tip with InGoal Magazine about how to develop that ability in practice.

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