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Episode 71 Kevin Weekes

InGoal Radio Episode 82 Martin Biron

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In the latest episode of the InGoal Radio Podcast we catch up with 16-year NHL veteran turned broadcaster and coach, Martin Biron, for an always colourful and insightful look at the ongoing Stanley Cup Playoffs. 
We also delve into the evolution of the position from the perspective of a goalie who played with all-time greats like Dominik Hasek and Henrik Lundqvist, and work with a list of goaltending coaches that includes Francois Allaire, his brother Benoit Allaire, and Mitch Korn. Biron’s answers about how each helped him — and his keys to feeling good to start a new season — may surprise a lot of you, and will be worth listening to for all of you. 
Biron also touches on the future of Lundqvist in New York, the performances he’s enjoying the most in the NHL’s return to play, and some of the other storylines around the playoffs, including the skate blade malfunction that Robin Lehner blamed on a four-year-old set of Trues, and a story about how long Biron wore the same set of skates (and the lengths he went to in order to keep the functioning) that frankly you have to hear to believe. You should also check out our video from several years go on YouTube where you can see Biron unwrapping more sock tape than you have probably ever seen on a pair of skates.

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