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Pro-Reads: Carey Price on the Penalty Kill

InGoal has just launched the new Premier Edition with exclusive content for members. It’s a hybrid of magazine and website, or as we like to say, half magazine, half website, all goaltending. This is a short excerpt from one of our first articles. For more on InGoal Premium please visit


Imagine sitting down with one of the best goaltenders in the world and having him run a private video session for you. You and Carey Price, for example, breaking down his game footage so he can show you exactly what he was thinking on a given play. Carey showing you what he saw and how he took that into account as he made the save, often preparing for multiple threats, and multiple options for the opposing team.

That’s exactly what Pro-Reads is all about.

Throughout the year InGoal gets a chance to sit down with the pros to talk goaltending. We ask the same kind of questions you’d ask if you could be there with us – which is exactly where we’d love for you to be. Right beside us, learning from the top goaltenders in the game.

That’s what Pro Reads is all about. Bringing you with us to learn from the pros.

This piece is the first in our Pro-Reads series and every week we will bring you a new Pro-Reads save. It’s all part of what we do for our members, here at InGoal.

And now…on to our first save and our first Pro-Read. This week we start with the man many consider to be the best goaltender in the game. He’s a Hart and Vezina Trophy Winner and the Montreal Canadiens all-time winningest goaltender. Each summer we are fortunate to sit down with Carey Price and this past August he began our pro-reads series breaking down several of his saves from the past few seasons.

The Situation

We begin with a brief but common scenario for a goaltender. It’s a shorthanded situation vs. the New York Rangers where two Montreal defenders get caught out of position leaving the Rangers with multiple scoring options.

Let’s take a look at the full play before we hear from Price. See what you can see in the video. Pause it if you’d like and consider what Price had to account for – at NHL game speed without the benefit of a high camera angle, of course.

The Read

OK, just a taste of the review – get a feel for waht this new series will be like. If you’d like more we encourage you to check out the new InGoal Premium Edition.


InGoal Premium Article

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