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Author: InGoal Magazine Staff

A Day with Carey Price Winners Announced

We have our (very!) lucky winners of the biggest contest we’ve hosted at InGoal. Grand Prize Winner Carlos Siso Jr is a 15-year old goalie from Calgary, Alberta. Carlos was entered in the contest thanks to his little brother who found out about it for him and told their parents. We think he’s winning brother of the year award for that one! Eric Sala of Winnipeg, MB will also be getting a grand prize, drawn at random from the goalies supported by the Eli Wilson Goaltending Sponsorship Fund. Carlos and Eric will be getting custom CCM gear including skates, pads, gloves...

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No More Practice Palm? New Glove Includes D3O

While much of the focus on the new CCM Premier line has been on the pads and scientific research used to get them to the ice faster, there is also a significant change in the new trapper. For the first time, the Premier glove has D3O, a specially engineered impact-absorbing material exclusive to CCM in hockey, in the palm. Because D3O is so good at soaking up the force of a puck – by absorbing it, not kicking it away like a harder material might – it significantly increases the protection in each level of padding offered in the...

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Contest Closed. Carey Price Day Auction is Now Live

We have selected out winner of the big contest and they will be notified tonight. You can still sped the day with Carey though and get all those awesome extras – over $5500 worth. We’re auctioning off the final 14 spots with the proceeds going to support goalies who can’t otherwise afford training and gear. The auction winners will be making a difference and enjoying the experience of a lifetime.

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Martin Jones Switches Into New Gear For Conference Final

Martin Jones has almost never looked out of place in his first-year as the No.1 for the San Jose Sharks, a trend that continued with a bounce-back 26-save shutout of the St. Louis Blues in Game 2 of the Western Conference Final on Tuesday after a rare mistake led to the winning goal in the opener. Jones has been praised all season by his new teammates for a demeanour that matches his goaltending style: calm, patient and poised. So it probably shouldn’t have come as a surprise that Jones appeared to don a brand new set of Vaughn equipment...

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