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Author: InGoal Magazine Staff

Got a question for the Montreal Canadiens star goaltender?

InGoal Magazine will be back on the ice and in the locker room with Carey Price this weekend as part of annual Eli Wilson Goaltending’s “Day With Price” charity fundraiser, and that usually means the kids get a chance to bounce some questions off the Montreal Canadiens star in the room. This year we want to pass the microphone to our young readers as well, so if you are 14 or under and have a question for Price, include your name, age and where you are from with your question in the comment section below and we’ll try to...

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What do Lundqvist’s eye-popping Bauer 2S graphics mean to you?

Henrik Lundqvist had a special Monday morning surprise for his fans on Instagram as he debuted a new custom graphic on his new Bauer Supreme 2S Pro pads for next season: It’s been fun to be part of the development of @Bauerhockey goalie equipment over the last few years. It’s incredible to see the progress. I feel like now is the time we take the design to another level because of the print technique that’s being used. Thoughts on this year’s design? #BauerOdin2S A post shared by Henrik Lundqvist (@hank30nyr) on Jul 31, 2017 at 6:53am PDT It’s an...

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TendyFest 17 Ultimate Demo Day Wrap Up and Prize Winners

TendyFest 17 was a big hit, with hundreds goaltenders showing up to test the latest gear from the top manufacturers on the ice, check out mask painting and skate profiling demonstrations, and talk about anything and everything to do with stopping pucks with range of experts from equipment reps to BHL legend Kane Van Gate, to NHL goalie Laurent Brossoit (and of course InGoal Magazine staff). It was a great day for goaltenders of every age and skill level, and it only got better when the event organizers, The Hockey Shop goal department, announced a long list of prize winners: Bauer Vapor 1X Set (Leg pad, trapper...

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Bauer VAPOR 1X launches: glove and blocker overview

For all the focus on the dramatic evolution of Bauer’s lighter, faster-sliding pads over the past year, starting with the Supreme 1S OD1N last spring and continuing with the launch of Vapor 1X OD1N today, the company has also made some big strides with their gloves. The Supreme 1S gloves represented a significant step forward in consistency of feel and break from previous models, and that trend continues with the new Vapor 1X. The Vapor 1X gloves replace the old Reactor line, and while there are similarities between the two blockers, the trapper has significant differences, starting with the...

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