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Author: InGoal Magazine Staff

TendyFest 2016

It was the biggest comeback in goaltending since Dominik Hasek ended his retirement (the first time) to win a Stanley Cup with the Detroit Red Wings: TendyFest returned to Vancouver on Sunday and it was every bit as successful. Organized by The Hockey Shop after a short hiatus, hundreds of goaltenders, goalie parents and goaltending coaches arrived from as far away as Kelowna, Seattle and even Calgary, at Burnaby 8-Rinks for the chance to hit the ice in the latest equipment from top manufacturers like CCM, Bauer, Brian’s, Vaughn and Warrior. Not even a brief hiccup caused by a power outage in the...

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CCM Premier Pad Designed To Work With Pro-Level Kneepads

The new CCM Premier pad is lighter and better balanced thanks to a new, thinner profile, but that’s far from the only benefit of a slimmed down pad. Goaltenders that read the complete review of the new CCM Premier line in the latest InGoal Magazine already know the face of the pad is roughly one inch thinner than its predecessor, the Reebok XLT pad. They also know that means an additional inch of room on the kneestack, or “landing gear,” of the new CCM Premier pad. Add in a recessed foam knee area on the back of the pad...

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Man vs. Machine: Henrik Lundqvist and Rebounds in 1S OD1N

It is fitting Bauer used Henrik Lundqvist in videos to promote the active rebounds that come off their new Supreme 1S OD1N pads. No, it’s not because Lundqvist enjoys rockstar status as the impeccable-dressed, guitar-playing, puck-stopping star of the New York Rangers, although the ability to command a stage that big never hurts. It’s fitting because Lundqvist led the way in the on-ice feedback that led to the evolution of OD1N into a pad designed to propel rebounds further away from the goaltender, sending them quickly past any attackers parked too close to their crease and buying them more time to...

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Special Offer on Pro-Level Vision and Eye-Hand Training

“Your biggest muscle as a goalie is your eyes. I do a lot of visual training in my pre-game routine to warm up my eyes and keep them sharp. If you’re not seeing it, nothing else matters. Your eyes are the basis of your whole game.”        ~ Braden Holtby, Washington Capitals Like a lot of elite NHL goaltenders, Holtby has spent a large chunk of his career focussed on improving his vision and focus using on- and off-ice drills. But what about the rest of us? Despite knowing how important the eyes are to playing goal,...

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