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Carey Rie looking down ice close up

InGoal recently reviewed a drill sequence with Carey Price that featured a push into the post before widening out and using a short-side window to see behind the net, then dropping into a reverse-VH seal on that post and finally coming up to the top of the crease for a shot.

This time they added a progression to the drill by starting with a low shot to the far side and asking goalies to use their stick to steer it away before initiating that same recovery sequence into — and then back off — the post. Like a lot of the recent drills we have shared from five years at the Eli Wilson Goaltending Day with Price camps, this one again serves to drive home the importance of the movement pattern work that has made the Montreal Canadiens goalie one of the game’s best, and Price himself re-iterates it with his instructions to the young goalies in attendance.

Before we get to those tips from Price, however, let’s start with him demonstrating the drill and an introduction to it from Wilson that includes some good advice on controlling cradles:

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