This is our fifth Pro Read featuring Detroit Red Wings goalie Jonathan Bernier, and the first four have been loaded with a variety of different – and sometimes complex situations – but this time we’re keeping things simple with a really important tip on shot preparation.

Bernier also shares a key rule he works on with his defensemen about blocking shots – and more importantly, when they shouldn’t – that every goalie might want to consider.

​The Scenario

This is a pretty straight forward 3-on-3 rush but as we take a look at the attack and the way Bernier’s Red Wings defenders are set up for it, is there anything that stands out to you?

What do you think of the gap between that right-side defender and the puck carrier? Is there anything that tells you about what type of scoring attempt is likely to follow?

We can’t even see Bernier in the photo above yet, but looking at that rush, where do you think you’d be set up as that even-man rush comes across your blue line?

The Save

Now, consider those same factors as you watch the save below:

What did you notice about Bernier’s position, both relative to his crease and his stance?

Was there anything particular about the how it was defended that you liked or disliked?

The Pro-Read

You may be wondering what insights Bernier could possibly offer on such a simple play, but sometimes the simple plays are the most important, and the 12-year NHL veteran doesn’t disappoint with a couple of simple but important tips we see costing goals at all levels:

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