E​​ric Comrie has bounced around the NHL waiver wire the past two seasons but as he proved when he finally got into a game for the New Jersey Devils – before yet another claim last week sent him back to the Winnipeg Jets for a third time – he can play in the NHL.

Comrie stopped 30 of 33 in a 4-3 win against the Buffalo Sabres on Jan. 31, and as you will see in the Pro Reads video review sessions from that game, the 25-year-old really thinks the game well. This won’t come as a surprise to anyone who listened to Comrie’s appearance on Episode 26 of the InGoal Radio Podcast or heard him share his experiences with and insights into Sense Arena virtual reality training on our recent webinar, and while it can’t be fun to bounce around the league over the past two seasons, including three trips across the Canada-US border this year, the upside of another lengthy quarantine is time to do several Pro Reads.

​The Scenario

With the Devils already killing a penalty, they fail to clear the defensive zone at the blue line, leading to a broken play rush from inside the line with forward Taylor Hall able to attack with a decent amount of speed down the right side, creating what is essentially a quick strike 2-on-1 with a third attacker still standing in front of the New Jersey net providing a screen:

Looking at the way Hall is carrying the puck, is there anything that might lead you to believe he is shooting or passing at this point? jot it down, and compare your notes to the breakdown that Comrie delivers in his Pro Read below. But first, let’s look at the entire save:


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