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Cam Talbot was the first goalie able to do an in-person Pro Reads session with the return of direct access this season, something we can only hope continues with a surge in COVID-19 cases, and the Minnesota Wild No. 1 didn’t disappoint with his live video breakdown.

If you haven’t already checked out Talbot’s review of that 2-on-1 against the Vegas Golden Knights, which included his keys to playing odd-man rushes in general, we’d highly recommend you do. We’d also recommend listening to Talbot on Episode 90 of the InGoal Radio Podcast shortly after he signed with the Wild, which was equally open and insightful about his game and path to the NHL and left us confident he’d be a perfect fit for these Pro Reads sessions.


After opening with rush chances, our second Pro Reads with Talbot focuses on an end-zone opportunity in overtime against some highly skilled Winnipeg Jets players:

Mark Scheifele had just spun off the defender at the top of the face-off circle to create what appears to be a breakaway opportunity. As the goalie facing this situation in the freeze frame above, what pieces of information are you looking for about this scenario?

Does the positioning of your defenders make a difference to your read? In what way?

Let’s take another look from Talbot’s perspective just a few feet further into the attack:

Does your read on this play change in any way at this point?

Any thoughts on how Talbot is approaching it in terms of positioning or angle?


Now let’s watch the entire sequence and see if it played out the way you expected above:

Did you see the pass coming based on the freeze frames above? If not, when did you know that was the most likely option? What was the clue?


Now let’s hear how Talbot figured it out early:


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