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Goalie Mindset expert Pete Fry is back with more key mindset tips that will help you become a better goaltender. Pete played in the Western Hockey League for the Portland Winterhawks and the Victoria Cougars. He was drafted by the New Jersey Devils. Today he works with goaltenders of all levels, from minor hockey to professionals, helping them achieve more on the ice through developing their mental skills.

The following is based on content from Pete Fry’s Goalie Mindset Power a ground breaking 30-day program dedicated entirely to helping goaltenders create a mindset that will guarantee results. Goalie Mindset Power has been developed from three decades of research into goaltending success, examining the habits and traits of winning goaltenders at all ages and levels.

In your life or in a game or in anything at all, there are always going to be plenty of things that are happening all the time that you can put your focus on. For example, in a game how many things happen that could take your attention from the task at hand and from what you need to do? 

What are you paying attention to right at this moment? Think about that. What are you paying attention to right at this moment? At any moment there are so many things, especially in today’s hyper-connected world that we can pay attention to. So, what are you paying attention to at this moment? 

What you’re paying attention to is one of the main factors that determines how you feel, whether positive or negative. By being aware, you can control what you pay attention to or focus on and how you focus on it.

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