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Braden Holtby is coming off a bounce back season with the Dallas Stars, posting a .912 save percentage before a season ending injury, and showing off the anticipation and play reading that made him a Vezina Trophy and Stanley Cup winner — and a perfect Pro Reads goalie.

Holtby has always processed the game at an elite level, which shone through in his first four Pro Reads and makes him an ideal guest for our latest video breakdown session.


After sharing some great tips on managing a one-on-one rush with a retreating defenseman in front of you in his last Pro Reads, Holtby is back to breaking down another odd-man rush.

This 3-on-2 against the Boston Bruins developed early at the far blue line so by the time they hit the Stars end in the freeze frame above, Holtby has had plenty of time to gather the information he deems most important. What details would you be looking for?
As the play continues, another option emerges with a drop pass, but by this point is it clear which way the puck carrier, Charlie Coyle, is going with this puck? What factors are you looking for at the other end of that pass? Based on those, are you trying to beat this pass up on your skates, or is a slide across the ice the best option? Ask yourself why you’d choose each option.


Now, let’s add the speed component by watching the entire sequence:

Did it play out how you expected? Any thoughts on Holtby’s decision to come across on his skates? What about his save selection using a half butterfly at the end?


Let’s listen in as Holtby dissects the play and explains his decision making on the push and save:

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