Freddie Andersen photo: Julian Avram/Icon Sportswire
The Carolina Hurricanes missed Frederik Andersen in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, but their No. 1 goalie was back on the ice shortly before they ended and should be good to go at the start of next season. We weren’t willing to wait that long to hear from one of our first — and favorite — Pro Reads participants to get another video breakdown session from last season.


After consecutive Pro Reads facing Connor McDavid of the Edmonton Oilers, Andersen is up against the Detroit Red Wings this time, and what starts as an in-zone chance with power forward Tyler Bertuzzi carrying the puck down the left boards:

That wider screenshot lets you see most of the zone and Bertuzzi’s options but we can also take a look at what Andersen is seeing with this camera angle from behind the net:
As Bertuzzi rounds that corner skating down the wall, what do you see as the most dangerous options? What are you thinking in terms of your next move in the crease as he gets closer?


Now watch the entire sequence in real time to see how Andersen handles it:

Watching the entire thing, was there a point you thought Bertuzzi was primarily a shooting threat? At what point did the possibility – or even likelihood – of a net drive become the primary concern? And what did you make of Andersen’s choice and of reverse-VH? Any thoughts on the decision to use a poke check as Bertuzzi gets in tight? What issues does it create when he misses it?


Now let’s hear Andersen’s breakdown of a save that left Bertuzzi shaking his head.

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