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The Toronto Maple Leafs may have a new tandem with this summer’s additions of Matt Murray and Ilya Samsonov but given their injury history and the historic need for depth that played out last season, there’s a good chance Joseph Woll will see NHL minutes again in 2022-23.

Woll showed he’s ready for that chance after posting a .911 save percentage in his first four NHL starts last season before an injury cut things short, and a big part of that is how well the 24-year-old thinks the game. It was on display in his first three Pro Reads sessions with InGoal, and that trend continues in this latest video breakdown against the San Jose Sharks.


After sharing keys for managing odd-man rushes and breakaways in his past two Pro Reads, this time Woll walks us through an end-zone play that includes a screen and deflection:

The pass came across from Woll’s right to his left for then-Sharks defenseman Brent Burns, who continued to skate it in that direction, giving his teammate time to set a screen. The freeze frame above provides a pretty good view of what Woll is dealing with on this play as Burns, who is among the better point shooters in the NHL, skates downhill with a couple of options.

Looking at that photo, what are the primary threats? What do you think of how Woll is handling that screen using a short-side lane to see the puck? With that screen also moving to his left, is there a point at which you think he’ll have to switch his sight line to the middle?


Keep that last question in mind as you watch the save video below:

Watching the entire thing in real time, we can see how that moving screen drags Woll right to the edge of his net coverage as Burns winds up. Would you have changed your sight lines? What factors would go into that decision? Is Burns being a right shot one of them?


Now let’s check in with Woll for his breakdown and screen management tips:

More on Screens

James Remier also had some great advice on dealing with screens in these two Pro-Reads:

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