James Reimer is back for another in-person Pro Reads from our visit in Kelowna this summer at the NET360 Goalie Camp, and just as he did in sessions while with the Florida Panthers and Carolina Hurricanes, Reimer doesn’t disappoint breaking down San Jose Sharks footage.


Reimer’s latest Pro Read features a 5-on-5 in-zone faceoff against the Vegas Golden Knights, which is a great time to go over your pre-faceoff checklist and compare it to his:

What information are you looking for first in the above scenario? Are you telling your wingers anything based on what you see in terms of making sure you get coverage help?
As the play develops off the draw and Vegas forward Jonathan Marchessault cuts into the slot on his backhand in the freeze frame above, who do you think is the most dangerous player?
With his own defender in front of him, what do you make of Reimer’s decision to hold on the short side of this screen, especially given the passing option? With Marchessault on his back hand, would you consider hedging to the middle, on the other side of that screen?


Watch the save footage and see if what you anticipated was how it played out:

Watching that play out, what do you make of Reimer’s decision to stay short side on the screen before Marchessault passes? Any reason you can see for making sure he didn’t try to go sooner or hedge towards that passing option? Anything you’d do different? (It’s okay, Reimer talks through the things he’d like to have done differently but it may not be what you think).


Let’s check in with Reimer to find out how he saw things, and why he played it this way:

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