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Linus Ullmark’s first foray into Pro Reads last week was so popular, we decided to go back to the Boston Bruins Vezina-Trophy favourite for a second straight week.

Not that we need an excuse to share more video breakdowns with a goalie leads the NHL in wins (32) and save percentage (.938), scored a goal prior to last week’s entry and then made 54 saves the day after it debuted, but Ullmark is also one of the position’s deep thinkers about everything from gear to technique, so it’s no surprise he was so good in this format.


We started with a partial breakaway against skilled Seattle Kraken forward Jordan Eberle last week, and continue with another one-on-one chance for another elite scorer this week, but see if you can spot the differences as Brayden Point of the Tampa Bay Lightning cuts in alone:

We were going to show you a freeze frame from the neutral zone and ask you to identify the biggest threat, but the headline kind of gives away what is coming, so instead we just showed you Point in tight staring down Ullmark. As Point hits the top hash mark in the photo above, what tells are you looking for as a goalie to figure out if he’s shooting or deking?

Any guesses at this point based on that information?

What do you make of Ullmark’s positioning?


Speed is a key factor in rush chances, so watch the entire sequence and ask the same questions:

Just as we asked last week if there a specific point you became confident it was going to be a shot, if there a stage in this clip where you read deke for Point? What was the clue?


Now let’s hear how Ullmark read that breakaway and his keys to solving it:

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