Collin Delia signed with the Winnipeg Jets this summer after a single season with the Vancouver Canucks filled with changes to his game that took time — and lots of work — to become instinctual, a process he talked about in detail recently on the InGoal Radio Podcast.
After that interview, Delia also took some time to review video from his season in Vancouver, breaking down his decision-making process for Pro Reads. This is the third of many.


After walking us through a couple of screen situations in his first two Pro Reads, Delia is facing an in-zone 3-on-2 against the Tampa Bay Lightning, with Brayden Point carrying the puck, Steven Stamkos providing a screen and some guy named Nikita Kucherov loading up for a one-timer:

We’ll get to the importance of maintaining in-zone awareness even as your team appears to be exiting it cleanly below (the Canucks defenseman had this puck on his stick three seconds earlier), but for now, what are you most worried about in this attack as a goalie?
Is it Point on his forehand? Is it a possible Kucherov one-timer?
Is there a specific reason (or two or three) you’re more worried about one or the other?
What do you make of Delia’s positioning, stance and skate placement here?
Are you skating across or sliding if the pass is made? Why?


Ask yourself those same questions as you watch the entire sequence, which gives us a better idea of the pace of the attack, as well as how easy it would have been to forget Kucherov:

Did your thoughts on the likelihood of a pass or shot change after watching the video?
What about the decision to slide? Is it just based on proximity to net or another reason?


Now let’s check in with Delia to hear his thought process while managing this play:

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