Laurent Brossoit celebrated his day with the Stanley Cup on a Sunday, then two days later joined his long-time trainer Adam Francilia and agent Ray Petkau at the NET360 Goalie Camp they’ve run for the past 10 years in Kelowna. InGoal Magazine was on hand and on the ice to film those sessions, and Brossoit was kind enough to spend an extra 30 minute doing Pro Reads.

While Brossoit is headed back to Winnipeg as a free agent, re-joining fellow NET360 regular and Jets goalie coach Wade Flaherty, we focused on his season in Vegas for our video session.


Brossoit’s debut is a 5-on-5 in-zone play against the Dallas Stars after a failed zone exit:

As the Stars cycle the puck from the blue line across the left boards in the freeze frame above, Brossoit needs to manage both the traffic forming in front of him and two passing options.

At first glance, what is the most dangerous play he must consider, and what factors might affect how much time he has to change position – and how should he move – if a pass is made?

Less than one second later, things have changed:

By this point are you better able to identify the primary threat?

How much, if at all, are you worried about the puck carrier?

If a lateral pass to Jason Robertson inside the right circle gets through cleanly, are you coming across on your knees or up on your skates? Any thoughts on Brossoit’s positioning?


As we can see from the freeze frames, there’s an element of flow to this play after the Stars keep it in, so watch the full play and ask yourself the same questions as it develops:

Does the play develop as expected? Does Brossoit manage it the way you’d expect him to?

Watch it again: Are there specific things you like or dislike about how he handles this pass?


Now let’s hear from Brossoit on what he saw — or given the traffic, perhaps what he didn’t see — and why he came across to Robertson on his skates instead of sliding on his knees:

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