Jet Greaves made quite the impression on the InGoal Magazine crew during a recent event hosted by CCM in Montreal, and again on the ice after getting invited to skate with Devon Levi at a private rink nearby afterward, so we were thrilled the incredibly insightful Columbus Blue Jackets goalie made his NHL debut last season because it meant we had clips for Pro Reads.

There was a lot of clips to work with in that game, in fact. Greaves stopped 46 of 49 shots in a 4-2 loss in Toronto at Scotiabank Arena, where he grew up cheering for the Maple Leafs.


Greaves’ Pro Reads debut comes against on a 3-on-2 rush, and while it’s a play he’d prefer to have handled a bit differently, the 22-year-old, undrafted, second-year pro was still willing to break it down in this hopes his analysis helps other young goalies.

Greaves isn’t even in the picture above yet, but like all goalies at the NHL level, he’s already gathering important information, so what details are you looking for in that photo, and why?
One second later, Greaves is in our picture (above) and the puck has been moved by Morgan Reilly to his left for Michael Bunting. Who is the most dangerous threat? Is it Bunting? Reilly? Or Auston Matthews on right wing? Can you spot any clues as to what might happen next?


This is a rush chance, so the pace of the attack becomes a major factor, so let’s go to the video of the save sequence now. See how early you can identify the most dangerous threat:

What did you think of Greaves sliding across on this play? What about his decision to slide into the post rather than staying above it? Can you see any immediate benefit to it?


Now let’s hear from Greaves on what he saw off the rush and some of the things he liked — and didn’t like — about the way he managed it in terms of his movements.

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