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Meditation and breathing technique have long been tools used by goalies right up to the NHL to try and stay calm and focused, but Devon Levi has taken it to the next level.

Levi drops to his knees near the hash marks, facing his net, and meditates during every TV timeout, something he tried first at the World Junior Championships to manage the extra time he’d never had in-game before, and has continued into the NHL with the Buffalo Sabres.

“I’m meditating. I’m focusing on my breathing,” Levi explained recently on the InGoal Radio Podcast. “There’s so much chaos going on in the rink, so I close my eyes and kind of just take myself out of it for a second and just focus on my breathing. It kind of calms the nervous system down and allows me to refocus. A lot of times when I’m playing, there’s thoughts going in and out of your head and it’s important to kind of just let them go in and out, so that little break that I have during the TV timeouts kind of lets me let thoughts kind of sit for a second, recognize I don’t need to focus on this and let it go. That’s basically the foundation of meditating.”

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