Devon Levi is preparing for his first full season as a pro after a successful NHL debut late last season with the Buffalo Sabres that included a 5-2-0 record and +1.1 adjusted save percentage, according to Clear Sight Analytics, which would have put him just inside the top-10 among last year’s NHL starters if he were to maintain it over the course of an entire season.

Levi, 21, posted save percentages of .952 and .933 in his two college seasons at Northeastern University and was part of Canada’s gold-medal winning team at the 2023 World Championships, and was kind enough to sit down for a lengthy Pro Reads session after back-to-back ice times with his long-time personal coach Marco Raimondo in Montreal.


After making his Pro Reads debut on a rush chance, Levi continues with a couple of breakaway breakdowns, which is fitting because he’s perfect on 10 one-on-one chances in the NHL so far. Not all of those were clear-cut breakaways but this one against Matthew Tkachuck of the Florida Panthers was, and Levi showcased some of his unique preferences while playing it:

Levi is out at the bottom hash mark, so what do you make of his positioning?

What kind of keys are you focused on or looking for from Tkachuk?


Tkachuk’s speed is obviously a major factor in how Levi plays this, so let’s go to the video:

Any thoughts on how Levi handled this? Anything you noticed about how he managed that initially aggressive depth and timed his retreat? Are there any keys you can identify?


Now let’s hear from Levi on what he saw from Tkachuk and how he managed it:

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