Joel Hofer is coming off his first NHL shutout, a 27-save, 3-0 win against the Calgary Flames on Thursday, so it seemed like a perfect time to go back to the St. Louis Blues rookie for a Pro Reads. Hofer, who made his NHL debut two seasons ago and played eight games late last season, is in his first full year in the NHL having won the backup job in training camp.


Hofer is facing a down low sequence against the Winnipeg Jets, who were in the process of pulling goalie Connor Hellebuyck as the puck was worked below the St. Louis net:

As the puck is worked around behind the net to Hofer’s right in the freeze frame above, he’s still looking over his left shoulder while pushing across into his right post.

Looking at that photo, who is the biggest threat, on the ice at this point?

Any thoughts on how Hofer is playing it?

If you said Kyle Connor was the biggest threat, congratulations! But now that we see the puck on its way to the skilled Jets forward all alone at the face-off dot, the question shifts to what leg will Hofer use to push himself into position to make the save?

Is it his right leg that’s on the post? Or his left leg, which is anchoring his Reverse?

What leg would you use? More importantly, why?


Before we get to Hofer’s reasoning, watch the entire sequence to see how he pushes:

Now that you’ve seen which leg he pushes with, any thoughts as to why?

What did you think of how he played the sequence behind the net? As long as Hofer holds that look over his left shoulder, do you notice any keys to when he moves off that post?


Now let’s hear Hofer on his approach to this low-high one timer:

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