Los Angeles Kings prospect Erik Portillo and Goalie Coach Adam Brown with drill for lateral recoveries and a tip[ about adding motion to your game.

It is amazing how often the drills InGoal Magazine sees being used at the highest level are often very simple, but that doesn’t mean they can’t encompass several crucial skills, including a chance to experiment with and try to perfect new concepts and tactics.

A recent trip to watch the Ontario Reign practice provided another great example.

This lateral recovery drill featured Los Angeles Kings prospect Erik Portillo, Reign goalie coach Adam Brown, and recently signed veteran pro Aaron Dell, and took place while the rest of the team was shooting on Jacob Ingham at the other end. The goalies dropped into a butterfly atop the crease, the recovered across to a shot from Brown inside the faceoff dot, but as you will see in the series of videos and responses below, there are a lot of possible variations.

“This is mostly about getting the mechanics right and getting vision over the puck, tracking into the body, all the small details,” Portillo said. “It’s not a hard drill and he’s shooting in the chest but it’s more about ending over it, having good control in the motion. We talked about not opening up in this one, closing down on it. That was one thing [Dell] did really well, staying tight and trusting the push is enough and being still with the body, not reaching or over pushing.”

We’ll get to Dell but start with Portillo recovering to his right. See if you can identify any changes as the drill progresses. Does anything stand out about the mechanics he talked about?

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