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Alex Nedeljkovic is busy preparing for his second season with the Detroit Red Wings but here at InGoal Magazine we’re still working through his Pro Reads session from the previous summer while he was still stopping pucks for the Carolina Hurricanes. And while we are excited to move forward and hopefully break down footage of Ned wearing the Winged Wheel soon, we also don’t want to waste any of his insights from that original video sessions, in large part because they were so darn good. The jersey may be outdated, but the advice certainly isn’t.


For the third straight Pro Read session, Nedeljkovic is breaking down a rush chance against the Florida Panthers, which speaks in part to Florida being one of, if not the, best teams in the NHL at creating offense in transition, as well as Nedeljkovic’s ability to process those plays. Once again, it’s led by skilled forward Aleksander Barkov, but this time it starts as a 3-on-1:

As this rush hits the blue line, what factors are you looking for in terms of all three players?

What decisions are you making in terms of depth and positioning based on what you see?

Before they even reach the top of the faceoff circles, this has gone from a 3-on-1 to a 2-on-1; what parts of the information you should have already processed remain relevant?

Are you thinking pass or shot as the primary threat at this point? What about the handedness and spacing of the two attacking players would determine whether you come across on a pass on your skates or sliding on your knees? Is there anything about the way defenseman Dougie Hamilton is playing this that might change your approach to a first pass?


Now watch the entire sequence to better gauge the attacking players speed as a factor in those decisions, and see if it plays out the way you expected in terms of the most dangerous threats.

Seeing it in real time, do any of your answers change from above in terms of who is the most dangerous threat and what factors matter the most in determining that? As the possibility of a 2-on-1 emerges because Hamilton has taken himself out of the play, what do you make of the way Nedeljkovic comes across? Do you think that possibility plays a role in his movement?


It’s time for Nedeljkovic to share those answers himself, and see if they match yours:

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