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The author’s son is a 2006-born goaltender in British Columbia who played Bantam AAA last season.

Hockey Academies: InGoal Parent Weighs Pros and Cons

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I’m David Hutchison, one of the founders of InGoal. You might have heard me on the InGoal Radio Podcast as Hutch or even Dad. I guess because I’m the oldest on the team and somehow it became a gag that I was the responsible one. I don’t know how that happened but it’s all in good fun. As the lone goalie dad on the InGoal team I suppose I do feel responsible, and that includes a need to create something for other goalie parents.

We already had a Goalie Dad doing a question-and-answer style column for us — check them out here — but he is taking a break from writing, so here I am being the responsible one again and taking over for now. In the interest of separation, let’s call this the first of a new InGoal Parent series. 

Goalie Parents are a very important part of the goaltending community and have always made up a good percentage of our audience. So many of you send notes saying you listen to the podcast with your sons and daughters while driving to and from the rink or school, and we’re grateful that you share a few minutes of your valuable time with us each week.

I actually had a different debut column ready to roll and then a question came in from another parent with a young goalie at home who is about the same age as my son. He wanted to know my opinion on hockey academies for goaltenders. After some back and forth it became clear he was looking at the programs in our province – British Columbia, Canada. It’s a timely question, and one I’ve given a lot of thought to, so change of plans.

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