Curtis McElhinney photo: Mark LoMoglio/Icon Sportswire

Curtis McElhinney shared a lot of great insights from his 16-year NHL career during Episode 144 of the InGoal Radio Podcast last week, including thoughts on his transition to coaching and the use of video after retiring as a two-time Stanley Cup champion with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

So, we figured what better way to follow that up then with a video review session featuring McElhinney breaking down footage featuring saves from that final season in Tampa Bay.


McElhinney makes his Pro Reads debut breaking down a shorthanded 3-on-1 chance against Tampa Bay’s in-state rival, the Florida Panthers, with lots of room coming into the zone:

As we do so often in this space, look at the attacking players and try to identify the key factors in this rush chance in terms of spacing, handedness, and the most dangerous player.

With so much space and two passing options, what are the most importance factors? Any thoughts on where McElhinney starts, well outside his crease, as they gain the zone?

As the play get closer to the net, let’s look at things from a different angle with the freeze frame above, and ask yourself what factors have changed? Any thoughts on McElhinney’s positioning, which is slightly cheating to the short side on his blocker despite the passing options?

Any idea why?

Anything you might do differently?


Now let’s watch the entire sequence so you can get a better idea of how McElhinney times his retreat with this odd-man rush and see if any of your answers — or your thoughts on any part of his approach — change at full speed, and with the benefit of replays.

Does seeing it at full speed change anything about the way you would have played this 3-on-1?

Is there a point you are locking on the shooter instead of worrying about the pass?

Watch the puck carrier closely: Does how well he looks off the pass factor in?


Now let’s check in with McElhinney for his full explanation and breakdown:

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