Linus Ullmark is the InGoal Magazine pick to win the Vezina Trophy after a remarkable season with the Boston Bruins, a debate we broke down in detail with help from Clear Sight Analytics in an article earlier this week. But Ullmark was already a favourite here at Pro Reads thanks to his insights into both his save selections and how adding “recoil” improved his play this season.

So, with the Stanley Cup Playoffs underway and Ullmark back in the spotlight with the record-setting Bruins, we figured it was a good time to go back to him for another Pro Reads.


This time Ullmark is facing a power play chance against the potent Carolina Hurricanes, and because of the dynamic nature of that unit it’s hard to use freeze frame images to properly account for the reads and decisions that Ullmark is forced to make in this sequence.

Instead, let’s go straight to the save video and let you see it all in real time:

Answer honestly, as that initial pass off the wall was made to the left face-off dot, how many of you assumed a shot was coming? At what point did you identify Sebastien Aho on the back side as the biggest threat?

Watch it again, paying special attention to how Ullmark handled it.

Was there anything you liked about his approach on that initial pass out? What did you make of the slide across on Aho, or the decision to recover back up to his feet after?

Before we hear from Ullmark, what factors do you think might have gone into it?


Let’s hear how Ullmark approached that lateral push and recovery:

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