Connor Hellebuyck is coming off an impressive Pro Reads debut here at InGoal in which the Vezina Trophy-winning Winnipeg Jets star broke down an odd-man rush, identifying several important read elements that allowed him to make a tough save look relatively easy.

That’s no surprise given Hellebuyck is statistically the best in the game at managing these types of attacks, and by a large margin, so we decided to throw a couple more at him at the start of our lengthy video review session. For our readers, it makes for a great chance to “go to school” with one of the best by seeing if you can identify some of the similarities — and perhaps also some key differences — between that first Pro Reads rush breakdown and these next two.


This time Hellebuyck is facing a 2-on-1 against the Detroit Red Wings, with captain Dylan Larkin leading the rush as it comes over the Winnipeg blue line:

Looking at the freeze frame above, and keeping in mind what we learned from Hellebuyck in his initial 2-on-1 breakdown, what are the key elements you are trying to identify when assessing this threat and the likelihood of Larkin either shooting or passing?


Pace is an important part when assessing an odd-man rush, but as you watch the save video below, try to ask yourself when you are confident if this is a shot or pass — and why.

At what point in that sequence were you confident Larkin was shooting?
When do you think Hellebuyck figured it out?
If there was a pass, would it be a play Hellebuyck has to slide on?
Just like last time, what do you make of Hellebuyck’s positioning as Larkin closed in, and the fact that once again he didn’t have any backwards flow as it approached?


Let’s hear how Hellebuyck approached this and how he knew a shot was coming:

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