Linus Ullmark was a deserving winner of the Vezina Trophy last week after a remarkable season, and the Boston Bruins No. 1 was already a favourite at Pro Reads thanks to his openness sharing insights into his decision-making process, through six breakdowns.


In his seventh Pro Reads, Ullmark is facing an odd-man rush against the Toronto Maple Leafs:

As Mitch Marner crosses the blue line with the puck on his stick, what details are you looking for as you try to assess the most likely outcome and most dangerous players?

Looking at the freeze frame above, can you find 3 keys that might help you sort it out?


Obviously, speed matters off the rush, so watch this play at full speed now, pausing at various points to ask yourself the same questions about passing and shooting threats:

At what point did you read the possibility of this turning into a 2-on-0 chance?

When do you think Ullmark figured it out? Would this have been an easier or harder play if the initial pass had gone all the way across rather than to the middle-net drive forward?


Let’s hear how Ullmark approached this chance, both in terms of reading the initial rush at the blue line and then also sorting out the most likely scenario once he’s facing a 2-on-0:

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