Not long after celebrating his day with the Stanley Cup, Laurent Brossoit joined InGoal, his long-time trainer Adam Francilia and agent Ray Petkau at the NET360 Goalie Camp they’ve run for the past 10 years in Kelowna. InGoal Magazine was on hand and on the ice to film those sessions, and Brossoit was kind enough to spend an extra 30 minute doing Pro Reads.

His first video breakdown, which focused on skate-or-slide decisions on mid-zone laterals, ran last week and was very well received among Premium Members, so we decided to go right back to Brossoit, who is headed back to the Winnipeg Jets as a free agent, again this week.


For the second straight session, Brossoit is facing the Dallas Stars, which he didn’t mind.
“No, this was a good game for me,” he said with a chuckle.
Unlike the 5-on-5 last week, this time he’s facing a rush chance led by Jamie Benn:

Is Benn, who has scored 362 career NHL goals, a shooting threat from here?
That first freeze frame doesn’t do the situation justice so here’s another look from wider out:
Who is the most dangerous player on this rush at this point? Why?
What details are you focused on at this point? What do you make of Brossoit’s positioning?


Because it’s a rush chance, speed matters, so watch the full play and ask the same questions:

At what point did you identify Benn as primarily a passing threat? How did you know?
What did you like about the way Brossoit managed his push?
Watch it again: Are there any elements that you didn’t like?
Brossoit had one thing he wasn’t happy with. See if you can identify it.


Now let’s hear what Brossoit saw and what he liked — and didn’t — about how he managed it:

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