Connor Hellebuyck has impressed with his first two Pro Reads breakdowns with his ability to read rush chances and open looks, which isn’t a shock considering the Winnipeg Jets Vezina Trophy-winning goalie is statistically the best in the game at managing these types of attacks — and by a large margin. So, we decided to throw a another at him at the start of our lengthy video review session.

For goalies, it’s a great chance to “go to school” with one of the best by seeing if you can identify some of the similarities — and perhaps also some key differences — between Hellebuyck’s first three Pro Reads rush breakdowns (and with that in mind, we’d recommend reviewing them before walking through this one) .


This time Hellebuyck is facing a 2-on-1 rush against the Nashville Predators, with Matt Duchene carrying the puck into the zone and a passing option to his left:

What key details are you looking for at this point in the rush?

Do you think it’s possible to anticipate shot or pass already?

After watching Hellebuyck’s first two Pro Reads, do you think he has?


Speed is an important part of assessing any odd-man rush, but as you watch the entire sequence below, see if you can find other cues as to whether this is going to be a shot or a pass? When are you confident it’s one of the other?

Did you spot any cues as to whether or not Duchene was shooting?

Were there any that had you thinking it might be a pass?

Just like the first two, what do you make of Hellebuyck’s positioning as Duchene closed in, and the fact he didn’t have any backwards flow?


Let’s hear how Hellebuyck approached this and how he knew a shot was coming:

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