Linus Ullmark was a deserving winner of the Vezina Trophy last week after a remarkable season, and the Boston Bruins No. 1 is off to another great start this season at 3-0-0 with a .962 save percentage in October. Ullmark has also quickly established himself as a favourite at Pro Reads thanks to his openness sharing insights into his decision-making process through seven breakdowns.


In his eighth Pro Reads Ullmark is facing a power play cycle against the Columbus Blue Jackets and a low-high pass up to Zack Werenski in the middle of the ice above the face-off circles:

As the puck arrives on Werenski’s stick in a pretty good shooting position and Ullmark pushes up from his goal line to meet that pass, what are the most dangerous options to consider?

In the interest of not trying to trick you, we couldn’t find a replay that showed him clearly before the play developed, but that shadow atop the left face-off circle is Columbus sharp-shooter Patrik Laine in a one-timer position. Does knowing that change your read at all?

What do you make of Ullmark’s depth decision at this point in the play?


When you watch the save, in addition to answering the questions above, pay special attention to Ullmark’s movement pattern within his crease. What stands out about it?

Is there anything you picked up from how Ullmark moved, whether it was on the initial push from the post up to the top of the crease, or coming across for Laine’s shot?

Anything you might do different in either case?

What cues do you think Ullmark is looking for to avoid overcommitting on Werenski?


Let’s hear how Ullmark approached this play, both in terms of depth and movement patterns:

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