Connor Hellebuyck is coming off a 33-save shutout against the Florida Panthers on Friday that extended his win streak to four games (and six of the past seven) to help the Winnipeg Jets into a tie atop the Central Division. So now felt like a perfect time to go back to the Vezina Trophy winner for his fifth Pro Reads (not that we needed an excuse given how impressive Hellebuyck’s first four video breakdowns were).


After breaking down odd-man rush chances in his first four Pro Reads, something Hellebuyck has excelled at statistically for years, this time we’re finally going to look at an in-zone play against the Minnesota Wild power play:

As Mats Zuccarello loads up a downhill shot above the top of the face-off circle above, what keys are you looking for when trying to determine what side he might be shooting to? What about picking a side to look around this screen?


We already gave away the fact this is a moving screen in the headline, so watch the video to see which way the Wild forward is moving in front of Hellebuyck:

Seeing the screen is moving to Hellebuyck’s right, how does that players positioning and movement affect your read in terms of where the shot is going? What about picking a side? At what point might it change as the screen moves right?


Now let’s hear how Hellebuyck approached this power play screen:

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