gWith the recording of Episode 244 of the InGoal Radio Podcast we introduced a new segment to the show. We know so many of our listeners are parents navigating the world of goaltending for the first time; indeed, the reality is for most of us everything as a goalie parent is a first. We’ve been parents to a goaltender now for 12 years but every season brings a new experience. So unless you’re one of the crazy lucky people with more than one goalie in your home, you too are facing new challenges each day.

So this segment of the podcast is for you. In fact, we imagine there will be something in here for all goaltenders, even those without kids who step into the crease.

Each week we aim to tackle one question sent to [email protected] or one we have found on one of the Facebook parent groups where we hang out from time to time. We find that the same questions come up repeatedly so clearly many parents are wondering about the same things.

We will publish the audio for each segment in a post such as this one. As a relatively short clip it’s a quick listen whether you listen to the entire podcast or just this clip on the web site.

Of course your opinions on what we discuss during the show may be different and that’s great. We love that goaltending is a diverse world with many opinions and many ways of stopping the puck. If you agree, disagree or just want to add something to the conversation please hit us up in the comments below.


InGoal Parents Segment 5 – We got invited: Should I send my goalie to a junior tryout camp?

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